This is My Story

Its 4:30am and I’m awake again. Fatigued, restless, anxious, nauseated. My mind spinning scenes I can’t escape, like being forced to watch endless clips of a pornographic film that I’m not in, and my husband is the star of. It never ends. I am shattered. He sleeps soundly next to me, relieved to no longer… Continue reading This is My Story


I am Not Okay

Its October now.  August 16th marked 1 years since I learned my husband was living a secret double life.  I haven’t written in so long because so much happens so fast and it’s highly emotional, I get too overwhelmed to organize my thoughts. Last June we had our 3rd polygraph.  I still have not received… Continue reading I am Not Okay

The Pits

  One of the things that I did during the first month of this betrayal trauma disaster was research the stages of grief.  Alongside that I researched what the healing process typically is for women in similar circumstances.  I wanted a road map.  I wanted an idea of what to expect.  People kept commenting, “You… Continue reading The Pits