I am Not Okay

Its October now.  August 16th marked 1 years since I learned my husband was living a secret double life.  I haven’t written in so long because so much happens so fast and it’s highly emotional, I get too overwhelmed to organize my thoughts. Last June we had our 3rd polygraph.  I still have not received… Continue reading I am Not Okay



  About a year ago a friend of mine got pretty intense into fitness. She was spending hours at the gym each day and doing workouts at home as well.  She frequently posted pics of herself leaving for the gym on Facebook and videos and selfies of herself working out at the gym or at… Continue reading Transformations

The Pits

  One of the things that I did during the first month of this betrayal trauma disaster was research the stages of grief.  Alongside that I researched what the healing process typically is for women in similar circumstances.  I wanted a road map.  I wanted an idea of what to expect.  People kept commenting, “You… Continue reading The Pits